Tummy Control Tight Pants for Women


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Tummy Control Tight Pants are high-waist legging pants with a double layer waistband that can make you look thinner instantly, and transform your body in seconds!

It is a completely comfortable, easy-to-wear pants that also take care of your shape in all the right ways.

The scientific double-layer waistband compresses and shapes the tummy and waist to make the wearer look thinner and taller.

Comes in 3 elegant styles, dress them up or down with an exquisite design.


  • Tummy Flattening Waistband:
    Designed with flat 4 needle 6 thread seams, 5.5-inch high waist tummy control waistband that conceal fat around the waistline. Ultra-compression knitting effectively contours your body and shape retention.
  • High-Waist Design:
    Set high on the waist and have a wider hem to slim the hip. Our high-waisted design creates the illusion of longer legs and a firm bottom so you can get all the comfort of pants with the benefit of shapewear.
  • Soft & Comfortable:
    Engineered to feel like a comfortable embrace throughout, we use fabric that is soft and elastic yet thick enough to prevent seeing your skin or panty lines.
  • Elegant Style: 
    Comes in 3 elegant styles, our tight pants are dressy enough for a night out or casual wear all day long. Made with premium fibers that are not see-through.


  • Material: 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Buttons/Zippers/Rhinestones
  • Size:

    *Our pants fit almost all women, as they are made of flexible fabric and come in three different sizes.
    *They are stretchy that even if you lose a few pounds, you will likely still fit comfortably in the same size.


  • Hand washes only.


  • 1 x Women’s Tummy Control Tight Pants


Please be expected 1-3weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order


Buttons Black Skinny Pants, Diamonds Black Skinny Pants, Zipper Black Skinny Pants


Large, Medium, Small


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